About Us

We are The Physically Disabled Service Centre Inc. (The HUB). A registered charity operating in this province since 1975, we have grown to become the second largest printing business here as well as arguably, the largest caterer of food services. We presently operate at 2 locations throughout St. John's, 21 Merrymeeting Road and Daffodil Place.

At our 21 Merrymeeting Road location, we operate our main kitchen and our administrative offices. We have three separate dining facilities and two licensed bars at this location.


Our management team is led by our Executive Director, Tom Badcock who has been with the HUB for 15 years. He is a retired military Logistics Officer. He left that position to become the Communications manager for CANEX Europe, an agency that operated 50 retail outlets including several restaurants.

Our Accountant, Patricia Heath, has been with the HUB for nearly thirty years. She provides all accounting and related activities for both our catering and printing operations. She also acts at the Executive Director in his absence.

Judy Hobbs is our Food Services Coordinator and she has been with the HUB for three years. In addition to her responsibilities at our main facility which includes the booking of all functions as well as supervising full and part time staff, she coordinates the distribution of part time and replacement staff between all five locations.


Our goal is to provide high quality, nutritional meals to our customers. Our turkey sandwiches for example are made with white, whole wheat and multi-grain breads.

We would be irresponsible if we were to not reinforce the fact that we are a charity.

Profits made from our commercial operations are used exclusively to assist persons with disabilities to lead better lives.

We are the major employer of persons with disabilities in this province and the larger we become the better we become at providing employment for this group. We develop our work schedules to include more people to maintain the same high quality of output. This may cost us more but we are a revenue neutral organization and our goal is always to maximize employment.